Viber Update Download Available – Improves Performance and Adds Bug Fixes

Viber is a great app that gives everyone the ability to place free calls and to send instant text messages without having to pay a dime. When it comes to features, Viber is similar to Skype meaning that the only thing users are required to have in order to benefit from its wide range of features is a stable internet connection. Nonetheless, a new Viber update has just arrived and it improves the app’s overall performance.

Viber Update

The latest update for Viber sports the “” version number and it has been recently released. The update doesn’t focus on introducing on new features or graphical updates, but this doesn’t mean that Viber users shouldn’t hurry up and download it.

Performance Improvements

Considering the fact that Viber is used by people to place audio calls and to send texts to their friends and family members, the app’s performance is quite important. No one wants the app to crash in the middle of a phone call and this is why this the new update focuses on introducing software tweaks which improves Viber’s overall performance.

New Bug Fixes

Talking about the new update, we should also mention that it contains a handful of bug fixes. Just like all other apps, some issues still manage to pop up from time to time but luckily, Viber’s developers are always on their A-game and they fix them really quick.

Final Words

With that being said, smartphone users who rely on Viber when it comes to getting in touch with family members and friends should make sure to get this latest update. Not only will the update make Viber run faster than usual, but it will also make sure that Viber never crashes as a courtesy of the newly introduced bug fixes.

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