Google Chrome vs. Firefox Quantum – Which One Is Faster and Worth Downloading?

Firefox’s newest web browser, named Firefox Quantum, was launched in November last year. We’re going to take a look at it and compare it with Google Chrome, in order to see which is the best.

Chrome has definitely gained a lot of popularity since 2008, the year of its debut. Nowadays, due to its speed, most of the people on the internet prefer Google Chrome over Firefox, which is not the „default” browser anymore. However, Quantum is now trying to attract users by offering even greater speed. Firefox is convinced that its newest browser can load popular web pages two times faster than Chrome.

To determine which browser is better, we took a look at some tests to compare how Quantum and Chrome would run on a PC with 8GB of RAM and an Intel Core i5 2500k processor. Both browsers were tested using their original settings, which means that there we no additions, such as AdBlocker or other extensions. Also, all the browsing data was removed before the tests.


This test analyzes the amount of time it takes for a user to perform certain actions on a web application. The results showed that Google Chrome was faster than Firefox.


In order to find out how well a browser can deal with advanced web applications and multiple tasks, JetStream 1.1 was used. This time, Firefox was the winner, but by a very small margin.

Ares-6 test

This test was used to measure the speed with which the browsers can process Javascript functions. This round was easily won by Chrome.

Real-world Speed Test

The last and definitely the most relevant test for users was supposed to measure the actual speed of loading some popular pages. The winner of this battle was Google Chrome.

Final results

The conclusive results show that Chrome is still way ahead of Firefox. However, Quantum is not that slow and clearly has its advantages and a great potential to attack Chrome’s position in the future.

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