iOS 12 vs. iOS 11.4 – Performances are Lacking On The New Model

iOS 12 is the first version of iOS that offers support for mobile phones over 5 years old, with the iPhone 5S being the phone that has been receiving support for so long along with some iPad models. In the video below we have a comparison of 7 iPhone models of running iOS 12 and iOS 11.4, and the second operating system starts faster.

iOS 12 is not faster than iOS 11.4 even when it comes to unlocking Face ID, and the situation is no different in the case of Touch ID, so until now Apple’s promises are quite a lie. In terms of opening the camera, the iOS 12 opens it slightly faster than iOS 11.4, much the same for other applications, but the differences are minor. iOS 12 was presented by Apple with high percentage gains in performance when it comes to opening applications, but in reality, promises are not seen.

iOS 12 is slightly faster than iOS 11.4 in some situations when the first access is made, but at second access things are no longer the same, so overall it’s unlikely to feel the world’s performance boost. Despite this, the fact that Apple has promised a big increase in performance for iOS 12 will “convince” some that this has happened, although so far it does not.

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