Android P vs. iOS 12: Performance and Updates Comparison

Since both Android P and iOS 12 are going to be released later this year, it’s inevitable that users will attempt to compare them. Of course, some similarities are going to appear, intentionally or not. After all, the destination of these products is exactly the same market. Now, with some of the features more or less confirmed, we can already draw some early comparisons between them.

We’ll take a look at some of the features already revealed, in order to see just how similar these two mobile operating systems are.

Digital Health

It looks like Google and Apple are going to fight phone addiction by implementing apps that will help you control the time you spend on your mobile device. In addition to that, both companies decided to expand the parental control options.

Artificial Intelligence Features

The two companies decided to focus on improving the AI-powered features. Google Assistant and Siri will help you organize your phone and personalize your apps on a much deeper level, thanks to more advanced machine learning technology.

Performance and Updates

While iOS 12’s main focus is an improved performance and the speed of accessing apps, with the introduction of Android P, Google is trying to solve an ongoing issue with the updates.


In this area, we can see more changes in iOS 12, mostly because Apple is trying to catch up with Google. Apple’s main aim is to expand the user’s control over the notifications, and to further organize them.

Gesture Navigation

Since Apple is trying to marginalize the usage of buttons on all of its devices, with iOS 12 we will see an introduction to the advanced gesture navigation system on the iPad. Google will also use this system to improve the home screen, while keeping the three-button option in place at the same time.


As we can see, since both Android P and iOS 12 are trying to achieve the same goals, a wide range of similar features will be used in the two operating systems. Of course, to see them in action, we will have to wait for the official release of the products.

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