Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Might Soon Implement Zero Mining Fees And FREE Transactions

CoinGeek and nChain joined into a new initiative dedicated to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) miners and which would permit BCH miners to personally reduce their own mining fees’ minimums, as well as their transactions prices. The two consider adjusting the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) mining software to implement the new settings.

First, CoinGeek and nChain must ditch the 546 Satoshis dust limit and set the software to accept values as small as 1 Satoshi for one transaction on the platform.

The second change in BCH mining software would be to allow the acceptance of several FREE transactions on each block the miner mined. This setting would mean that each miner will now have the right to accept FREE transactions and the platform can run with zero mining fees.

Why zero mining fees and FREE transactions on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) mining software?

Both CoinGeek and nChain thought that such important changes, like zero mining fees and free transactions, will boost the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) adoption rate within the cryptocurrencies market. As the platform will have lower fees for transactions plus several free transactions, while, at the same time, there will be zero mining fees, more and more BCH holders will be drawn to the platform.

In the meantime, Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver, a renowned Bitcoin Cash (BCH) crusader, recently forecasted that Ethereum (ETH) will surpass Bitcoin (BTC) very soon. Even more, Roger Ver would’ve also said that by 2020 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will surpass both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) and will become the leader of the cryptocurrencies market.

At the moment, Roger Ver, a.k.a Bitcoin Jesus, is the advisor for the FinTech startup MoneyToken which will also accept BCH.

At the moment of this writing, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is traded at $1,122, recording a slight decrease of 1.82% in the last 24 hours. However, according to CoinGeek and nChain, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will keep on gaining strength and value and will soon be a true force in the cryptocurrencies market.


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