Clash Royale New Rascals Card – Notable Stats and Detailed Specs

Clash Royale fans should be happy to know that a new update is coming their way. The new update will contain a brand-new card called “Rascals” along many other new features. Supercell, the game developer, took the servers down for a maintenance check on Wednesday and decided to break the news that a major update is coming right when the serves went live again. Nonetheless, today we are going to present Clash Royale fans with everything there is to know about the new card.

The Rascals Card

Supercell revealed the new card by making the following announcement over Twitter: “Take a peek at the bottom of your card collection”. Therefore, Clash Royale fans who want to see what the new card looks like can navigate to their in-game card collection and check it out. The card is named “Rascals” and everyone can see it.

Notable Stats

Clash Royale fans who decide to check out the new Rascals card will see that it is a Common type which costs 5 Elixir. Moreover, the card is not available for purchase and it can only be found in Arena 9 or higher. “Spawns a mischievous trio of Rascals! The boy takes the lead while the girls pelt enemies from behind…with slingshots of Double Trouble gum!” says the card’s description.

On the downside of things, Supercell has yet to unveil what type of mechanics this card will feature. Therefore, we don’t actually know how the Rascals card works but from the looks of it, players who decide to use it will automatically spawn a barbarian and two archers.

Detailed Specs

  • Type: Common Troop;
  • Rascal Girl Level: 1;
  • Racal Boy Level: 1;
  • Rascal Girl Count: 2;
  • Rascal Boy Count: 1;
  • Elixir Cost: 5;
  • Rarity: Common;
  • Arena Level: 9.

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