Just Cause 4 Gets Another Leak via Steam

It looks like Just Cause 4 has leaked not once, but twice. Due to an ad served through Steam, we are now able to take a look at a promotional image for this new open-world game. No announcement has been made yet neither by the publisher Square Enix nor Avalanche Software.

The image that the Steam users were able to see features Rico Rodriguez, the protagonist of the Just Cause series. He seems to be in a jungle scene, looking towards a stormy background. Based on the artwork, we can definitely notice that Just Cause 4 will be pretty soon announced and available for pre-purchase.

Not many details can be observed in the image, so we don’t know for sure what to expect from this release. But we all know that the existence of Just Cause 4 does not come as a surprise, since last month it appeared on Walmart Canada’s website on the list of unannounced games. Other titles that we saw on the list were: Assassin’s Creed, Lego DC Villains and Rage 2, all of them being already confirmed by now by their publishers.

Let’s not forget that if this entry of the Just Cause series is being worked on at the moment, then it would mean that Avalanche Software is currently developing three distinct projects: the one that we just mentioned, along with the newly-announced Generation Zero that the company will self-publish and Rage 2 for Bethesda Softworks.

We can also remind ourselves for a short moment about the previous game in the series, Just Cause 3, which was released three years ago for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. The news item that was leaked on the Steam doesn’t seem to give us any link to an actual store page yet, so we hope that more news about Just Cause 4 will follow soon.

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