Samsung Galaxy J6 2018 Release Date, Design and Features

Good news for the fans of Samsung’s smartphones belonging the J-series: the new budget-friendly product has just been unveiled. Samsung Galaxy J6 will be, in many different ways, one of its kind and a big step forward for mid-range phones. We can expect that J6 will find its own place in the market thanks to a relatively big number of new features, some of which has already been revealed.

Launch date and price

When it comes to a specific date of the launch, this has not been announced yet. All we know so far is that J6 should become available for purchasing at some point in the summer. The list of partners selected for the official release in the UK remains unknown as well. While talking about the price, we need to keep in mind that the new J-series device is a budget phone, which means that its cost on the Brittish market should close somewhere between £200 – £300, most likely closer to the first number. Samsung Galaxy J6 will be available in three distinct colors: black, gold and lavender.


As it was mentioned before, Samsung Galaxy J6 is a big improvement compared to its predecessors belonging to the J family. It looks like Samsung has managed to implement a great deal of its newest technological advancements, amongst which Infinity Display definitely plays a big role. Galaxy J6 has a 5.6in all-screen front with Super AMOLED display. The aspect ratio was set at 18.5:9 and the screen resolution of 1480×720 is more than good enough for the casual users. Thanks to a very smart design, with almost non-existent bezels, most of the front of the device contains the screen, which makes J6 look very modern.

We should also mention that this smartphone has a 3.5mm headphone port, in case you are not the biggest fan of Bluetooth. There’s also a micro-USB port at the bottom of the device and of course the buttons: power on the right and volume on the left. In addition to that, there is also a fingerprint reader, located on the back of the phone, slightly below the camera.


Since nowadays camera is an essential part of every smartphone, let’s take a quick look at the camera specifications of Samsung Galaxy J6. The new J-model of the Samsung family has rather a performant camera, considering the fact that it is supposed to be a budget-friendly phone. There is a rear camera that has 13MP with an aperture of f/1.7 plus an additional phase-detect autofocus, and a front camera of 8MP with an aperture of f/1.8, which you can use with a good effect to take some truly stylish selfies. Both cameras are equipped with LED flash.

AR emoji

J6’s cameras support AR emoji, a new addition to the Samsung’s line of mid-range phones. This function allows you to create your own augmented reality emoji. If you are curious to see how you would look like in an animated world, soon you’ll have a chance to find out thanks to the new Galaxy J6.


When it comes to the performance, J6 will be a good choice within its price range. Equipped with an unspecified octa-core 1.6GHz processor and 3GB of RAM, Samsung Galaxy J6 will have 32GB of internal storage that can be easily expanded up to 256GB using a microSD card. The smartphone will run Android 8 Oreo, and a mid-range battery of capacity 3000mAh guarantees that you can use your phone without the need to recharge it for a good amount of time.

Final thoughts on Samsung Galaxy J6

Samsung Galaxy J6 is a very good addition to the offer of budget-friendly smartphones provided by the South Korean company. Moreover, even though price-wise it belongs to a mid-range group of smartphones, it doesn’t lack any features of a truly modern mobile device.

Obviously, J6 will have to compete against numerous rivals, but taking into consideration all the features and specifications confirmed so far, it seems likely that Galaxy J6 will beat its competition. Since the date of the official launch was not yet revealed, we will have to wait a little bit longer to see the new member of the Samsung family in action.

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