FIFA 19 Release Date Sooner Then Expected

This week, during its E3 conference, EA Sports is set to announce the new FIFA 19. We will not only find out when this game will be released, but also which players will feature on the cover.

Who will appear on the cover?

With every passing day, we are getting closer to the official release of EA’s football game, so it’s no surprise that FIFA’s fans are more and more curious to learn which great players will appear on the game’s cover. In the past, FIFA’s box featured, amongst others, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi.

With the end of the season in most of the important football leagues, we can see the names of the football stars that could potentially appear on the cover circulating the internet. According to various sources, it is very likely that either Ronaldo or Messi will be the face of the game, with some of the influential YouTube gamers leaning towards Ronaldo, who just won the third Champions League title in a row.

Two other possible candidates could be top premier league goal-scorers, Mohamed Salah and Harry Kane, who both had a very good season.

Potential acquisition of UEFA tournaments

It is expected by the community of fans that EA Sports will announce the purchase of the license to present the Champions League and the Europa League. So, it is possible that FIFA 19 will allow you to enjoy a Champions League campaign in a tournament that is very close to the original one.

When to expect FIFA 19?

With the upcoming E3 we should have more details regarding the new game of the FIFA series. EA’s conference will take place on Tuesday, one day before the start of E3, where the company will announce the plans for the new games, including FIFA 19. It is expected that, as usual, the new version of the game will be released in the second half of September 2018.

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