Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Borderlands 3 Release Date Leaks

With the greatly anticipated releases of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Borderlands 3 postponed in time, the fans are not trying to hide their disappointment. Unfortunately, it looks like we will have to wait much longer in order to enjoy playing the new versions of these two popular games.

What lies behind the importance of Final Fantasy 7

Since it was first launched for PlayStation in 1997, the video game developed by Square almost instantly gained a large group of followers. Final Fantasy 7 is regarded as one of the most influential RPG games ever created. Not only did it contribute to the popularity of this genre, but it also generated a great impact of its expensive narratives and the gameplay.

A planned release date of Final Fantasy 7 Remake

It is no surprise that a remake of Final Fantasy 7 was on everyone’s wishlist. The announcement of the planned game was made in 2015 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Unfortunately, according to recent news, the proposed release date was moved further in time. So, the best case scenario is that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be launched in 2019. The time limit that was set for this production is 2023. Therefore, we will definitely see the new game before that year. As it coincides with the expected end of PS4’s lifecycle, it is rumored that this is the main reason behind the delay.

Borderlands 3: when should we expect it?

When it comes to Borderlands, a highly popular first-person shooter game series, its new release was scheduled for this year. Sadly, it was recently announced that Borderlands 3 will not be launched before 2019.

With both release dates postponed further in time, it looks like the numerous fans of these two influential series will have to wait longer in order to purchase the new titles.

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