Injustice 2 New 2.3.2 Update Download Available – Batman Ninja and Red Hood

There are many mobile fighting games that people can try, but all of them pale in comparison with Injustice 2. The first thing we need to mention about Injustice 2 is that it’s available for both Android and iOS-powered smartphones, and that Injustice 2 is one of the most popular fighting games in the world with popular characters such as Superman and The Flash.

Injustice 2 New 2.3.2 Update

The latest update for Injustice 2 brings the game’s version number to 2.3.2 and it introduces lots of new features and balance changes. Not just that, but the new update also contains powerful new characters that players are going to love! With that being said, let’s go over the contents of the new update.

New Characters

  • Batman Ninja Heroes

Is there a superhero more popular than Batman in the DC Universe? No, of course not. Therefore, Injustice 2 players should be happy to know that the new update brings a special Batman Ninja. This Batman is an Agility Class character and it’s based on the new DC movie “Batman Ninja!”.

In addition, Batman Ninja is accompanied by Ninja Robin and Ninja Catwoman every time he enters the new Arena Heroes.

  • Red Hood

Red Hood’s origin story is not typical to most superheroes. Instead of being born with superpowers, Red Hood was killed off by the Joker and then revived by the Lazarus Pit which filled Red Hood with vengeance.

Story Mode: Chapter Five

The two new characters that Injustice 2 fans can try out are awesome, but the update also ships with in-game content. Injustice 2 will be able to play a new story mode called “Chapter Five” in which they find out what happened to Atlantis.

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