Pokemon Sun and Moon Available to Play with Legendary Pokemon Shiny Zygarde

The Legendary Pokemon Shiny Zygarde is a character expected to come on Pokemon Sun and Moon these days. In addition, the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon players will enjoy the company of this special ”pet” in the following days.

In case you want to know more about your new friend, we will mention that Zygarde is a Dragon from the Ground-type category Pokemon that can have three distinct forms. It is a shiny appearance that originates from the Kalos and Alola regions, so it will be an interesting new figure with white and teal coloring.

Although there have been other Legendary characters before, Zygarde is the first non-exclusive one, because it is available on both Sun and Moon versions. If you live in the US and you want this new friend, you will have to pay a visit to your local GameStop and get the instalment code. You can do that by the 24th of June.

For Canadians, the code is available in an EB Games location, whereas in the UK the Nintendo Network will distribute it during 1-22nd of June. If you are invited to accept a Mystery Gift, take it, because it will, most certainly, be The Zygarde.

Follow some simple steps and get it fast!

You can enjoy the Legendary Pokemon’s features to the full after you get it through a simple process:

  • Open the Pokemon Sun and Moon or the Ultra version of the game;
  • Go to the Mystery Gift section on the main menu and select it;
  • Hit the Receive Gift button to get it;
  • Select one of the Get with Code/Password or Get via Internet buttons, hit Yes and then Yes again because you’ll need to connect to the internet for finishing the operation;
  • If needed, enter your code;
  • Watch while you receive your character and speak with a person from the Pokemon Center;
  • Save the game.

After the Legendary Zygarde, Pokemon fans can receive new friends in July – the Flying-type Tornadus or the Electric-Flying-type Thundurus. More characters will follow the distribution channels in November this year.

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