Android Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Is Affecting Amazon Fire Devices

An Android cryptocurrency mining malware is infecting the Amazon Fire devices, such as Amazon Fire TVs. This Android malware is part of Android ADB, and it spreads to different devices, slowing them down as it uses their computing resources to mine cryptos.

This Android malware has begun to affect Amazon Fire and Fire TV Stick devices, which are compatible with TV services from Amazon and other providers and use a version of Android on their Fire OS operating system, as the AFTVnews portal has warned.

This version of cryptocurrency mining malware installs automatically on Amazon Fire TV devices with Fire OS 6 or earlier in an application called Test accompanied by the package named “” Several users of these devices have reported this problem over the past year through forums.

After installation, this Android cryptocurrency mining malware can spread to other associated devices, slowing down their operation and occasionally forcing applications to stop.

An Android cryptocurrency mining malware is affecting Amazon Fire devices

The discoverers of this malware suggest that it was spread through ‘apps’ allowing access to watch pirated movies, although its origin has not been identified precisely.

While this Android cryptocurrency malware is up and running, all the computing power of the device’s processor will be used to mine cryptocurrency, which explains why the infected devices are getting laggy and slower.

It is believed that the malware was first installed as a result of an application downloaded by sideloading.

In order to prevent the spread of this Android cryptocurrency mining malware, the specialists recommended users turn off ADB debugging and applications from unknown sites under “Settings” sections on your Amazon Fire TV. If a device has contracted this Android malware, the only solution to get rid of it is to return your device to its factory settings, according to AFTVnews.

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