Gmail Best Tips and Tricks to Master Your Strength

We’ve all had moments when we pressed the wrong button and something funny happened to our email, right? Or maybe we didn’t know how to make a change to our account, when we really, really had to? There’s no need to worry anymore. In this article, we will be your guide to discovering some tips and tricks that can definitely help you handle you Gmail much better than before. You will even learn how to unsend a message and customize your account!

Life-changing “Undo Send” feature

This option was introduced in 2015 and it has probably made a great number of people in the whole world quite happy. But you must know that this feature has to be enabled in order for you to take advantage of it. All you have to do is to go to Settings and check the box “Enable Undo Send”, while also choosing a certain “send cancellation period”.

Organization is crucial

Make sure you know how to use “Labels” and “Categories” in the most effective way. This can help you organize all the emails that you have in your account. Labels are somehow similar to folders, but at the same time you can add more of these labels to just one email.

Make sure you have enough free space

In case you have too many emails in your inbox that need to be deleted or organized and you don’t know where to start from, make use of the great search option that Gmail has. This will allow you to filter your messages based on what you need: file size, sender, links or attachments. After typing the desired word in the search bar, Gmail will locate the related emails for you.

Customize your account

If you are tired of the way your Gmail looks like, you can add some color to your account. Start by choosing a nice theme for your background that will add some personality to your email. Then try to get accustomed to all the stars and symbols that Gmail has to offer. You can do this by going to Settings and selecting the Stars section. This will clearly add some life to your Gmail!

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