Android “No Service and Signal” Error – Simple Methods to Fix the Error

Android smartphones are renowned for being filled with cool features and an optimized UI (user interface) that makes it easy for everyone to find the options that they need. Although, nothing is perfect and Google’s Android operating system still malfunctions from time to time such as the “No Service and Signal” error.

No Service and Signal

Right from the start, we need to mention that there are many reasons why Android smartphones might display the “No Service and Signal” error and this makes it more difficult to fix it. However, the most common cause is when the radio signal gets turned off automatically because it conflicts with the Wi-Fi and GPS signal. Nonetheless, today we are going to list the most effective methods of getting rid of this error.

A Simple Restart

Even though this fix might sound too simple to be true, it actually works in most cases! Android fans who are experiencing the “No Service and Signal” error need to restart their smartphone by pressing and holding the Power Button which will open a small menu where Android fans need to tap on “Restart”.

Airplane Mode

If restarting the smartphone didn’t solve the issue, then we have another simple fix that has a high success rate. We advise Android fans to pull down the notification panel and then to turn on Airplane Mode. This mode will disable all connections starting with Wi-Fi and ending with cell signal, thus giving the smartphone’s signal a reboot.

Check the SIM Card

Another reason why Android smartphones start displaying the “No Service and Signal” is because the SIM card is not placed correctly. Therefore, Android fans should remove the SIM card from their smartphone and then make sure to place it back correctly.

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