Best Cydia Tweaks in June 2018 – How to Customize Your iPhone

There is one disadvantage that we all know Cydia has. This is the lack of some options that would allow its users to search for packages or good tweaks to install. Cydia could definitely use a Category or Feature tab in the App Store in order to make things easier for users. Because such features are not available yet, we gathered some helpful tips that should make you enjoy Cydia much more.

In this article, we are going to share with you few of the best iOS jailbreak tweaks.

Browser Changer

If you have a jailbroken device and prefer a third-party browser such as Chrome, then you must have this extension. This will allow you to change your default browser, which is Safari and the good part about this tweak is that it comes at no cost at all.


After the installation of this tweak, your privacy will be the least of your worries. All you have to do is to create a passcode for individual apps such as Messages, Facebook, Photos or anything else you want to choose. Also, in case your device does not support Touch ID, you can use the option with the password. The price of this tweak is only $0.99.


This is one of the main tweaks that users put on their device after going through the jailbreaking process. It gives you the possibility to use shortcuts that will allow you to put certain actions into effect quite fast. One example would be playing the next song by using the volume up button. There is no cost for this powerful tweak.

Eclipse 3

This tweak is able to change the interface of your apps to the night mode, which is extremely useful if you want to read at night. One thing that makes Eclipse 3 special is the fact that it allows you to enable the night mode for specific apps. This means that the apps that get the night mode will be automatically disabled once you switch to this option. All of this for just $0.99.


This smart tweak makes use of the Touch ID feature of your phone so that you can enjoy more security. It protects your iOS apps but it is also able to restrict the access to settings panes and toggles. This comes at the price of $1.99.

Camera Tweak 4

By far one of the best tweaks you could find for taking pictures, Camera Tweak 4 comes with numerous advanced features that your device’s camera just doesn’t have. It offers much better control and it allows you to adjust the resolution of the photos, set timers, etc. The price of this extension is $1.49.


One of the most helpful tweaks you could possibly install on your phone is Failsafe. In the unfortunate situation of someone stealing your device and trying to unlock it with the passcode, some features will get activated on your device. Wi-Fi, Cellular data and Location Service will be enabled automatically, which means that you will then have the opportunity to track your phone by using the Find My iPhone service. And this tweak is actually free.


Quite a handy tweak, Confero selects all your apps that have notifications and puts them in one folder. The price is $1.49.


This tweak can help you by clearing cookies, temporary files and by removing unnecessary files from your device. You can even connect it to the apps that need a regular cleanup or you can create a schedule for this cleaning process.

We hope that you enjoyed this list of useful tweaks for your jailbroken device.

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