eToro Will List Cryptocurrencies And Mainstream Stocks Together

In a new big announcement, eToro reported that the trading platform would list cryptocurrencies and mainstream stocks together, coming out with the first trading platform to list both cryptos and stocks at the same time. More important, with this new feature eToro implements, investors will be able to trade mainstream stocks and sustain their investments with their cryptocurrency wallets.

Price really matters, and we think ticket and management fees are exactly the kind of old world practices that put many people off investing. We are rethinking some of the outdated practices investors might be used to from other investment providers. It also means we’ll continue to expand the range of assets we make available to our 10 million users.

Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro, in an official statement

The move eToro has made is indeed a great one and helps traders from different fields to get along on a single platform.

eToro will list cryptocurrencies and mainstream stocks together, a fact which will increase the cryptocurrencies adoption

As mentioned above, the new eToro feature will list mainstream stocks and cryptocurrencies together, on the same unique platform, and this will make it possible for traders to sustain their investments in traditional assets with their cryptocurrencies wallets.

Also, eToro, from now on, will cover the stamp duty which is the fee the traders would usually have to pay when acquiring the UK shares.

Additionally, eToro has announced that it will be absorbing stamp duty on the purchase of UK shares, and will not charge ticket or management fees to any user buying shares through eToro. The platform isn’t completely feeless, however; according to the announcement, fees are included in the spread which is just 0.09% per side.

Finance Magnates

As for the cryptocurrencies adoption, the eToro new feature will help a lot, as the cryptocurrencies market might now attract the traditional investors. Of course, on the other hand, the cryptocurrencies traders might also be tempted to invest in mainstream stocks.

All these investments will now be straightforward to do as eToro will list cryptocurrencies and mainstreams stocks together.

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