Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 1.1.3 Update Download Available with Racers Smarter AI

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 is an awesome racing game that is available to Android and iOS fans. The racing game features impressive graphics that make it look similar to the quality that consoles offer. Not just that, but Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 also ships with a complex gameplay system where players get to build their own motorsport team, hire drivers, develop cars and win races! With that being said, Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 is a premium game and it’s priced at $4 on Google Play Store.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 1.1.3 Update

Considering the fact that Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 is a premium mobile game which costs $4, the developers are under constant pressure to keep the game fresh and filled with new features. Therefore, Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 receives lots of new updates which come with cool features and bug fixes that improve the game’s overall performance.

Talking about Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 updates, the latest update that fans of the game can download sports the “1.1.3” version number and it weighs in at 43MB. Moreover, the update requires a minimum of Android 6.0 operating system in order to function.

Tougher AI and Reverse Grids

What makes Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 so fun when compared to other mobile games is the challenge that it offers. The AI in the game is super skilled and this makes it difficult for players to win trophies, but this is what makes the game special at the same time. Nonetheless, the new update enhances the game’s AI and makes it tougher.

Another great feature that is being introduced alongside the new update is reverse grids. This feature is also intended to make the game more challenging and we can be sure that players are going to have blast while racing on the tracks now that reverse grids are available.

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