NEO Scavenger 1.2.8 Update Download Available with New Items

There are lots of mobile games that feature amazing graphics but they all lack one thing, an amazing RPG story! If you are looking for a game that will let you use your creativity and make difficult decisions in order to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, then NEO Scavenger is exactly what you need. With that said, today we are going to check out NEO Scavenger’s top features and latest updates.

Surviving the Wasteland

The main goal of players who decide to install NEO Scavenger on their smartphone or tablet is to survive the wasteland. However, NEO Scavenger is not an easy game and surviving will prove to be a difficult task since players are required to scavenge for resources and supplies while figuring out ways to deal with people that they encounter on the road.

Randomized Map and Turn-Based Play

NEO Scavenger gives players full freedom, meaning that they can take all the decisions like choosing to talk to a stranger or to fight him and steal his supplies. However, what makes NEO Scavenger special is the fact that the map is randomized each game.

Moreover, NEO Scavenger features a turn-based system. Players will take their time with each turn and play the game at their own pace. Not just that, but players can also save the game and resume what they were doing whenever they wish to.

Major 1.2.8 Update

The latest update for NEO Scavenger feature the “1.2.8” version number and it’s quite big! The update weighs in at 74MB and it introduces a bunch of bug fixes which are going to list down below:

  • Rotated items in containers – FIXED;
  • Bandage offset bug – FIXED;
  • DMC access obstructed by the UI – FIXED;
  • Random game crashes in the demo version – FIXED;
  • Added new instant tooltips and stack counts.

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