Portal Knights 1.4.5 Update Download Available – Lobot, Bibot and Emojis Boxes

Have you ever wondered how Minecraft would look like if it had better graphics and even more fun gameplay? Well, wonder no more because that is exactly what Portal Knights offers. This is an Android mobile game that’s priced at $5 and despite the affordable price, Portal Knights offer amazing features and fun gameplay mechanics that will keep you playing the game for hours on end.

Portal Knights 1.4.5 Update

Portal Knights is a premium game which means that it has a large team of developers behind it. The reason why this matters to us is because Portal Knights receive a constant stream of updates that improve its performance and gameplay via new features and bug fixes.

Talking about Portal Knights updates, fans of the game should be happy to know that a brand-new one has been made available for download. The update changes Portal Knights’ version number to “1.4.5” and it weighs in at 45MB. We should also mention that the update requires a minimum of Android 6.0 or higher in order to function.

What’s New?

The latest Portal Knights update comes with a bunch of features that players are going to love! Portal Knights players will now be able to purchase items such as Lobot, Bibot and Emoji Boxes from the in-game Shop. The Lobot and Bibot boxes contain new costumes that looks amazing on heroes.

On the other hand, we have the Emoji box which features 10 new emojis heads that heroes can wear. The emojis look amazing, but the best thing about them is that they make it easier for players to express themselves.

Epic Battles and RPG Classes

Portal Knights give players the ability to choose from the following RPG classes: Ranger, Mage and Warrior. These classes come with their own special abilities and they can be used to fight epic boss battles.

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