Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Leaks – Improved Storage, RAM and Better Battery

With the launch of Galaxy Note 9 expected sometime in August, the amount of leaks and rumors keeps growing. Thanks to some reliable reports, we can now take a closer look at the possible improvements that will make Galaxy Note 9 a much better phone than its predecessor.

In this article, we will focus on the most important upgrades of the new Samsung phone that were leaked by Ice Universe.

Improved storage

Compared to Galaxy Note 8, the new phone will have twice as much storage space with 512GB, which can be extended even further using a microSD card.

More RAM

With 8GB of RAM, Galaxy Note 9 will be the first Samsung phone with such a big amount of RAM.

Better battery

Thanks to some design changes related to camera positioning, for the first time in Samsung’s mass-market phones, the capacity of the battery will be raised to 4,000 mAh.

Bigger display size

According to The Bell, with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 we will see a small improvement of the display. Compared to the 6.3-inch screen of Galaxy Note 8, the new 6.4-inch display doesn’t seem like a big change, but still it’s going to be the largest screen of a Samsung smartphone produced so far.

Larger front camera

Unlike Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 will have an improved front camera, the biggest of all phones created by Samsung so far. This will allow users to take better pictures in low light environments.

Unfortunately, it looks like Samsung decided not to modernize Galaxy Note 9’s design, which is one of the very few disappointments one can possibly have after purchasing the phone. Still, all things considered, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is an obvious improvement on other phones created by the Korean company and it clearly shows the direction in which future smartphones will go.

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