Snapchat Beta Update Download Available with Improved User Experience

Like it or not, Snapchat is taking over the world. Facebook and Instagram are starting to lose their popularity while Snapchat keeps growing bigger. The reason behind this is quite simple, Snapchat offers a unique way of interacting with people and the ability to share content that gets automatically deleted.

Unique Way of Sharing Videos and Photos

The feature that makes Snapchat so popular is the fact that nothing is permanent there. Every video and photo that gets shared on Snapchat is automatically deleted after a designated period of time and to make things even better, users don’t have the option to download or save the content that other people are sharing. Obviously, people can always take a screenshot of their smartphone, but Snapchat will then notify the content’s creator of it.

Fun Filters

Another amazing about Snapchat is the filters that it offers. Snapchat uses AR (augmented reality) technology in order to apply cool filters over people’s faces such as the famous doggy face, bunny ears and much more. In addition, Snapchat refreshes those filters every couple of days, thus giving people a reason to come back.

Premium User Experience

Leaving the cool and unique features aside, Snapchat offers a premium user experience and this is the main reason why people use it so much. The app is constantly being updated with bug fixes and software tweak which improve its performances. In fact, a brand-new update has just been made available for download!

Snapchat Beta Update

The latest update for Snapchat sports the “” version number and it’s available for beta testers. Also, becoming a Snapchat beta tester is not a difficult task since anyone can do it. The only thing that beta testers need to do is to provide the developers with sold feedback.

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