Here’s How to Download and Install VidMate on Nokia Smartphones

VidMate is a powerful app that allows users achieve the impossible, download online videos from every streaming platform. On the downside of things, VidMate is exclusive to Android and PC users which means that the powerful app is not available to everyone. Fortunately, there is a workaround which makes it possible for Nokia smartphone owners to benefit from all the features that VidMate has to offer.

Downloading VidMate On Nokia Smartphones

Nokia smartphones can’t download VidMate from the official Google Play Store and interested Nokia fans will need to head over to the app’s official website and download it from there. Yes, downloading VidMate on a Nokia smartphone is as simple as this, but if there are some Nokia fans who wish to take matters into their own hands, they can always manually install the APK.

VidMate APK

Nokia fans who want to make sure that VidMate is safely installed on their smartphone are required to download the latest VidMate APK which can be found on the app’s website. The next thing they need to do is to plug in their smartphone to the PC via USB cable and then look for the folder where the APK has been downloaded.

Installing VidMate

After finding the recently downloaded VidMate APK, Nokia fans need to enable the “install apps from unknown sources” option from the Settings panel and then tap on the VidMate APK file. All that’s left now is to follow the setup wizard and install VidMate.

Download Online Videos

Now that VidMate has been installed, Nokia fans will be able to download any online video they want. To make things even better, the app features a built-in search browser which can be used to search for videos directly through the app’s user interface.

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