iOS 11.4 Jailbreak Video Appeared Online

Recently, social networks were overfloating with news about a jailbreak of iOS 11.4. Nobody had expected to hear about this, but it happened and iOS users are wondering what will follow. The whole fuss was started by the hacker Richard Zhu when he posted a video demonstrating what a successful iOS 11.4 jailbreak looks like.

Most people couldn’t believe it at first, but during the footage they saw how it works. Although there wasn’t any information on the exploit used for the experiment, viewers witnessed how Cydia installed on an iPhone 7 and how it Terminal got it root access.

Another mystery is wrapped around the question whether a developer account is necessary to accomplish the jailbreak. Also, experts in the field of iOS are not sure if and how Zhu is planning to use his ”work” or if he intends to release the jailbreak. Most likely he will keep it for personal use or he will sell it to a bounty program with large pockets, like he did in other cases.

On the other hand, developer CoolStar has been working on another jailbreak. Called Electra jailbreak of iOS 11.3.1, the creation will soon be available on iOS 11.2-11.2.6. CoolStar also mentioned the fact that their jailbreak won’t require any developer account. This is good news, considering the fact that such account can worth $99.

For more news on this subject you can follow iClarified on social networks. You can find it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or RSS. Only by following their updates you will be the first to know what ”they’re cooking”.

In case you still have questions or doubts maybe you haven’t seen the video so far. Watch it and maybe you will be prepared for what’s coming.

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