Love Balls Best Tips and Tricks to Become An Experienced Player

At a first glance, Love Balls seems to be a very easy game. Don’t let yourself be tricked! Some levels will require a lot of imagination and of course sometimes you will feel like hitting the hint button. In this article we will give you a few tips so that no hints will be needed.

  1. It’s important to play the levels in order

As the new obstacles in the game are being introduced gradually, it is highly important to play all the levels in order. This way you’ll be able to learn new mechanics as they appear throughout the game, especially since the higher the level is, the harder it gets.

  1. Use the replay option as a learning tool

While playing the game, try to resist the temptation of simply progressing, without learning anything from the level. Whenever some new structure appears, you can take it as an opportunity to get familiar with it. This will make it much easier for you the next time you encounter something similar.

  1. Things you need to memorize

There are certain structures and lines that you need to learn by heart: triangles, boxes, hearts, hooked slopes and the short curve. These are frequently appearing through the game and learning how to deal with them will give you a great advantage.

  1. Learn the physics of the game

Playing Love Balls in a successful way requires at least a basic level of knowledge of the game’s physics. Every structure or line has its own trajectory and behaves in a specific way. Once you master the way the obstacles work, no level will ever scare you again.

  1. The ink is not unlimited

Keep in mind that every level has its limit when it comes to ink. A wise use of the ink is even more important in case you want to get all three stars.

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