Samsung Galaxy Not Registered On Network – How to Fix The Error

Samsung’s Galaxy lineup is filled with powerful smartphones that feature some of the world’s most advanced hardware specs. However, these smartphones still have their fair share of issues such as not being able to register on a network whenever users try to place calls or send texts to their friends or family members. Luckily, there are a couple of simple methods of fixing this issue and today we are going to present them.

Software Update

One of the main reasons why Galaxy smartphones will not register on a network is because their software is not updated. Therefore, we advise users to charge their Galaxy smartphone’s battery full and then turn it on. Place the SIM card in the smartphone and then access the “Settings” panel. From that panel, users are required to scroll down to the bottom and tap on the “Software Update” option and the smartphone will take it from there.

Change the Network

Another method that can fix this issue is to make sure that the selected network is the correct one. Users can check this by following the next steps: access Wireless & Networks – Mobile Networks – Network Operators – Now pick the correct network.

Placing the SIM

While placing the SIM card inside a Galaxy smartphone might not be such a complicated task, it’s rather easy to not place it correctly since its so small. So, taking out the SIM and placing it again in the correct position will take care of the not registered on network problem.

Malfunctioning SIM Card

Even though Galaxy smartphone owners who are experiencing problems while trying to place calls or send texts don’t want to hear this, their SIM card might be malfunctioning. With that being said, if none of the above methods didn’t fix the register on network issue, then Galaxy smartphone owners might need to purchase a new SIM card.

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