Sonic the Hedgehog 3.3.0 Update Download Available for Android

If you ever feel nostalgic and want to remember what it felt like to play games when you were a kid, then you should download Sonic the Hedgehog on your smartphone. The game is available for Android smartphones and it comes with all the classic features that you know and love such as the running around at superfast speeds while completing complex mazes at the same time.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3.3.0 Update

The reason Sonic the Hedgehog for Android is making headlines today is because a new update has just arrived. The Sonic the Hedgehog update features the 3.3.0 version number and it is available for download right now. Moreover, the new update weighs in at 55MB and it requires a minimum of Android 4.2 operating system or higher in order to work.

OTA Release

Fortunately for Sonic the Hedgehog fans, the update is being rolled out OTA (over the air). However, the update is going to take a long time before it arrives to everyone and eager Android users can get their hands on it before anyone else by manually downloading and installing the APK version of the update.

We should also mention that Android users who are looking install APK updates on their smartphones need to head over to the “Settings” panel and enable the “Install apps from unknown sources” feature first. Nonetheless, let’s see what the new update brings.

Eggman’s Plan Fails

As every Sonic the Hedgehog fan already knows, Eggman is one of the villains that players need to defeat. Players have been fighting against Eggman for a couple of weeks and they are finally successful. The new update commemorates that success by removing all the bugs that Eggman was planning to fill the game with.

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