Apple and Qualcomm Legal Battle: 5G and National Security

Apple is in the position to explain to a U.S trade judge how iPhones that include Intel Crop. Chips should be allowed in the country, given the fact that they violate a Qualcomm Inc. patent. This is what this famous company has to do, according to an S. International Trade Commission hearing in Washington. This is a part of the legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm. The lawyers of the staff, together with ITC, decided that Judge Thomas Pender should rule that Apple actually violated one of three of the Qualcomm patents, regarding a battery-saving feature.

It’s all a race between United States of America and China: who’s going to release 5G first?

The staff also talked about a potential Intel-based iPhones that can run with a next-gen 5G that should be allowed in the country in order to not “surrender” in front of China. The lawyers of these two famous tech companies accepted to work on Friday in one of the four dozen legal cases which are pending in the whole world, and all of them are linked to a dispute regarding a license that lets mobile devices to communicate.

The ITC can block products from coming into the country that violets U.S patents. However, it has to consider the impact on both the economy and the public.

One of the staff’s lawyers, Lisa Murray, stated that iPhone that has Qualcomm chips (you know, the ones that Apple already sells?) could replace those iPhones that have Intel chips in the market. The problem is: how is a ban going to affect the U.S’s intentions to stay ahead of China in 5G. They also wonder if this is really in the best interest of the country.

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