Steam Summer Sale Starts on the 21st of June – What’s So Special?

Gamers know that the best and most-wanted versions of their favourite games might be quite expensive, so they can’t ignore an event like the big Steam Summer Sale. The event is organized by Valve, the Steam platform owners and this is the perfect occasion to get all the video games you love at decent prices and even make some good bargains.

Every person interested in purchasing new games has been waiting anxiously to find out when will the event start, so that they wouldn’t miss it. Although it is not confirmed yet, thanks to some friendly Redditors who have shared some insides, we can reveal that the Steam Summer Sale will open on June 21st and it will end on July 5th.

What makes this event so special?

When it comes to this sale, participants highly appreciate the fact that even the most popular and expensive games can be purchased with a discount, while other similar activities wouldn’t offer this possibility.

Unlike many sales, even popular and more expensive games are discounted. This means that you will keep some of the money you have saved for enlarging your games collection and still ”go home” with the finest aquisitions.

It seems that in the attempt to promote the event and gather as much gamers as possible, the organizers sent emails to developers and announced them that the starting time has been set at 9.55am PST (5.55pm BST) on June 21st. The event is supposed to finish at 10.05am PST (6.05pm BST) on July 5th 2018.

So far, we don’t have other information. The purpose of these e-mails is to invite developers to think about the discounts they are planning to offer in this year’s Steam Summer Sale edition. We’ll have to wait and see, but if video games are you hobby, don’t miss this opportunity!

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