Apple Maps vs. Google Maps – Why Apple Maps Is the One Which You Should Choose

It’s been six years since Apple Maps was launched and many people think it’s the best fit to replace Google Maps.

It has privacy

We all know that Apple and Google have different business models – Maps is the best example of this. For Google, you have something called Google Timeline, which allows you to see where you were in the past. For Apple, you don’t need to sign in to use Maps. All you need to know is created with the help of the data from your device. All the data that Maps collect when you’re using the app (search terms and navigation routing) uses random identifiers to “cover” you. Location is outstanding, and it’s as important to remain unknown to others.

It has Siri

You can now just ask Siri to give you the direction home, without you checking the phone. It’s really helpful to have it in the car while you’re driving. It doesn’t matter if Apple allows the clients to replace Siri with some other default assistant (such as Google or Amazon), Siri will remain the best assistant for those who use iPhone.
It also gives you directions to random addresses, such as 123 Main Street.

It has Apple Watch

Apple Watch may start to disappear, but Apple Maps still remains a built-in and a very helpful feature. When you use your iPhone to navigate in traffic, your Apple Watch will vibrate when you need to take turns. It also works when it comes to walking directions. It’s a win-win.

It has Yelp integration

Apple Maps decided to not waste any time anymore with building a database of company reviews, so it decided to get Yelp integration to deal with that. And it’s understandable, since it has a lot of excellent data on local businesses.

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