Best Apps to Download Online Videos on your iOS and Android Devices

When we are waiting in an airport, a train station or when we are traveling on long distances we get bored and keep looking for something to do. We could read a book or talk to our companions, but what if we forgot the book at home and there’s no one to talk to?

We could watch some videos on the phone or tablet, but only if we have an Internet connection.

Technology is constantly evolving, so now, thanks to some smart apps, people can have their favorite videos on their phones and watch them anytime without being connected to the Internet. We know that several restrictions keep us from getting the videos directly from YouTube, so we can turn to apps like TubeMate. In case you don’t like it, you can try some alternatives.

Android Apps

  • Video Downloader Pro – you cannot download it for free. The iOS version is Best Video Downloader;
  • SnapTube – it’s free and allows you manage your channel and search for videos in an organized way;
  • KeepVid Android – it allows you to download Facebook videos as well and convert music videos into MP3s;

iOS Apps

  • VidMate – it’s the improved version of TubeMate and it has an user-friendly interface;
  • eDl Lite – you can get it for free;
  • Ultra Downloader Plus – this awesome app allows you to direct a video you want to download towards other interactive environments from your house: PS4, XBOX or Smart TV.

These apps are users’ most popular choices. There are differences in functioning, but each of them will help you download your favorite videos fast and easy. You can find out more about each of them and, of course, download them, from their official websites. If you want, you can try all of them and see which one works best for you.

We will mention some places where you can find them:


KeepVid Android:


eDl Lite –

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