EA Focuses On Sims 4 DLCs, No Sims 5 Announcement in Sight

Sims 4, the last installment in the series was released back in 2014, four years ago. Since quite some time has passed, most fans are already ready for the fifth installment. However, it appears that EA is not ready yet to let Sims 4 go. In fact, the Sims 4 continues to receive DLCs, which means that it will take some time until we receive the Sims 5.

When will the next game be released?

If we take a look at the timeline we can see that Electronic Arts usually releases a new game every five years, which could mean that we will get some announcement about the Sims 5 really soon. Nonetheless, since we didn’t receive any news at the E3 convention, this might mean that we will have to wait a bit longer.

As we all remember, Grant Rodiek, the producer declared that a Sims 5 game will become a reality only if the Sims 4 is a success. As we already know, the fourth installment was hugely popular, and it sold more than 5 million copies in the world. Based on this information, we should receive the Sims 5.

There is also a chance that EA wants to focus on the Sims Mobile game. The game was released recently and this might be the reason why developers want to promote it before they move on to the Sims 5. Additionally, there have been some things that players disliked about the Sims 4.

For example, the fact that the game wasn’t an open world one anymore made the game experience feel limited. This is something that could be fixed in the upcoming game. Exploration was one of the key features of the Sims 3 and it would be a good idea to bring it back.

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