iOS 12 Beta 1 iPhone X Jailbreak Update – Improved Battery Life and New Fixes

Developers had a chance to try out the iOS beta 1 for almost weeks. Additionally, some non-developers were able to do this as well. As long as someone can access and Apple Developer account, that person can install the beta.

While at first it appeared that this update comes with a poor battery life, the reason for this was in fact the optimization and caching of the update. As those processes are already over we can really take a look at how the battery works with the new update.

Battery life

If we take look at the battery life after this update, it is safe to say that iOS 12 lasts just as long as iOS 11.4. In fact, there have been some users who claimed that the battery life is slightly longer compared to the previous version.

The tests were made using the same number of apps and the same levels of usage. This also means that iOS is able to determine the battery life, as there were no other changes besides that.

Installing iOS Beta 1

If you want to grab this version earlier, you should know that there are certain risks. For example you should be aware that the update comes with bugs and everything, which means that your device might not act the same after installing it.

Additionally, you should make sure that you do not install the beta on your main iPhone and iPad. It would be a better idea to install it on a device that you do not use on a daily basis. This way, you will be able to continue to use the old version if you discover that it is better, and you won’t lose any important data or files.

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