Chromebook OS – Enhance Security with This Hidden Feature

Even though most people don’t know this, Chrome OS is highly versatile, especially when it comes to security. In fact, Chrome OS’s versatility is one of the things that makes it such a great alternative to classic desktop operating systems such as Linux and Windows 10. Google puts a high price on user security and this is why it made sure to automate the security on Chrome OS by sending behind the scenes updates and using special hardware-connected setup which guarantees that Chrome OS is not tampered by anyone or any type of malware.

Nonetheless, Chrome OS users can always take their security to the next level by using special tricks and tips. With that said, today we are going to present readers a hidden Chrome OS trick that will enhance the of the operating system’s security.

Using Smart Lock

Since Google is the one who develops Chrome OS, it should come as no surprise that the first trick requires an Android smartphone. Chrome OS users can enable their smartphone to function as a “Chromebook Key”. The way this trick works is that anytime the user gets about a hundred feet close to the device, the device will automatically unlock without requiring a password anymore.

How to Enable Smart Lock

The first thing that users need to do is to turn on the Chromebook and head over to the settings panel. From there, scroll down until the “Show advanced settings” option appears and click on it. Now, scroll down again and click on “Smart Lock for Chromebook”.

All that’s left now is to click the option, enter the Chromebook PIN password and simply follow all the prompts required to find and sync your Android smartphone. This is a nice feature and it will surely prove to be useful in the long run.

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