Pokemon Go Update Download Available with Friends Feature and Trading Pokemons

It’s a component that players distressfully missed from the primary Pokémon series, which has customarily given two players a chance to trade Pokémon. Back in the July of 2016, Niantic’s CEO John Hanke revealed to Business Insider that it’s sort of a central component. Yet it wasn’t until the point when, a week ago, at E3, a Pokémon Go designer depicted the game’s up and coming trading feature.

The thing with the trading in Pokémon Go is that it will just work locally, in about 100 meters of another player. They expected to consider how to bring trading into this game where investigation and investigating new places is central to the game adjust. They would not like to ruin this thing, as said by Pokémon Go’s engineer Kristen Koa at a Niantic lunch. Here are the means by which Niantic depicts trading in their public statement:

About trading

Mentors will gain the Candy of the Pokémon received from trading, and that reward can increment if the Pokémon traded was gotten in areas far separated from each other. The Friendship level between players trading Pokémon will give different rewards including Stardust rebates. Higher Friendship levels between Trainers will open the Special Trades choice, which incorporates the capacity to trade some certain Pokémon, for example, provincial Pokémon, Legendary Pokémon and Shiny Pokémon, and adds new Pokémon to their Pokédexes. However, coaches who require the approval of their parent and registration through the Pokémon Trainer Club to play Pokemon GO will be not able to trade with different Trainers in the game.

About the “friends” feature

Niantic additionally reported that Pokémon Go would welcome the “friends” feature, which will concede players rewards the more they play together. Players can just include companions by utilizing each other’s “trainer codes,” something that may sound commonplace to Nintendo Switch proprietors.

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