Poketoshi Allows The Bitcoin Community To Play Pokemon Using The Lightning Network

Want to play Pokemon with the Bitcoin community? Then, you should know that the Portuguese developer Joao Almeida created Poketoshi, an application for the Lightning Network micro-payment protocol that combines one of the versions of the Pokemon game with Bitcoin (BTC) payments protocol.

For its design, Almeida used OpenNode which is a service specialized in digital payment settlement for merchants using Lightning Network micro-payment protocol.

The developer shared some of the statistics generated by this application which in its first 24 hours online received 61,916 satoshis, through a total of 635 transactions.

Poketoshi allows the Bitcoin community to play Pokemon using the Lightning Network micro-payments protocol

This application is a kind of tribute to Twitch Plays Pokemon, a “social experiment” devised in 2014 by an Australian programmer who remained anonymous. Using the Twitch video game streaming platform, the idea was to allow users to play Pokemon indirectly.

The game was very successful and even holds the Guinness World Record for having “the highest number of participants in a single player online video game” with 1,165,140 users.

Poketoshi uses the same principle, but every move in the game must be paid for using the Lightning Network micro-payments protocol. The goal is to monetize the game so that the streaming service can pay for itself while allowing the Bitcoin community to use the micro-payment network directly.

100 satoshis for every move

The game’s interface has a Super Nintendo controller, through which players can make the game’s avatar moves, always by paying 100 satoshis, regardless of the button chosen.

The Portuguese developer said the original idea for the game was put forward by Nakamoto Institute President Michael Goldstein. The latter tweeted:

Lightning Network plays Pokemon. An experiment in social coordination using the skin of micropayment in the game. One satoshi per button,

Michael Goldstein, on Twitter

In short, Poketoshi allows Bitcoin community to play Pokemon using the Lightning Network micro-payments protocol.

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