Particl Teamed Up With Changelly Cryptocurrency Exchange To Enhance The Particl Marketplace

Particl, an open source project that develops decentralized applications focused on privacy, has partnered with the Changelly cryptocurrency exchange to enable more users and more tokens to shop privately in the Particl Marketplace.

Both Changelly and Particl have been working on strategies for cryptocurrency users to spend and win coins on decentralized platforms, and Consensus 2018 provided a perfect place for both teams to discuss e-commerce check-out solutions, online shopping with cryptocurrency, and to open the doors for more users from around the world to shop privately using cryptos.

Changelly is pleased to have Particl as a partner. By working together, we can implement an all-in-one approach to the interaction between the cryptocurrencies and provide the smoothest possible user experience.

Konstantin Gladych, CEO and co-founder of Changelly


Particl open source privacy platform teamed up with Changelly cryptocurrency exchange to enhance Particl Marketplace experience

Particl Marketplace is currently live on the Test Network with the native privacy currency, Particl (PART), being the only crypto-market where suppliers can accept, and buyers can spend. One of Particl’s core values is to build privacy-focused Dapps that offer the ability for any cryptocurrency holder to spend their favorite currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH), among others.

Changelly cryptocurrency exchange has developed an instant exchange API, such as Coinomi, that leverages partners within its products, allowing users to exchange cryptos without using external exchanges. Changelly acts as a mediator between Binance, Bittrex, and other partners to offer new exchange options to Particl.

Together, Particl and Changelly will improve the payments process within Particl Marketplace to make it easier for cryptocurrency holders to shop online privately. This partnership offers instant access to over 100 Changelly-traded cryptocurrencies and tokens to all products sold on Particl Marketplace. Cryptocurrency exchange for Particl (PART) will seamlessly take place in the background and add an additional level of privacy through Particl’s Confidential Transactions.

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