Google Maps: Make the Most out of It with These Next Tips

Google Maps is known as the most popular navigation software. Everyone has heard of it, and it’s understandable, since it reached its 1 billion active users.

It’s a great idea to save your home and work address, as you can quickly get to it while in app. In order to do this, you need to open Google Maps and press on the menu button (the three vertical lines from the top-left corner). From there, get on your places – there you’ll see entries for Work and Home. Now all you have to do it put your addresses there. You can always ask Google Maps to navigate to Work or Home, rather than continually adding the address. Also, if you search for “restaurants near work”, you’ll find the closest ones to your work.

The Google Maps Navigation feature comes with a voice assistant and turn-by-turn directions. However, there’s a shortcut you can get. Search for a place or just touch it on the map and then proceed to hold the blue “Directions” button, that’s placed on the bottom right – now Google Maps will give you the best route and put you right into the Navigation Mode. However, if you need to change the mode of transport, you can just tap it once, choose the mode of transportation that you want, then tap on Start.

You can also share a location, just by tapping and holding on any area to drop a pin. At the bottom of the screen you have the address, which you should tap to expand, then you should tap on Share. A pop-up list of apps will make its appearance and you can choose from that list on which app you want to share your location. If that person cannot find your location, a photo of the building can always help.

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