Ripple Is Inspired By The World Cup 2018 And Wants To Win The Global Payments Tournament

Several months back, Ripple published a fresh article on the Ripple website discussing the resemblances between the financial breakthroughs and the accomplishments of the World Cup 2018 teams that made it to this year’s tournament. Notwithstanding this, the story remains accurate today, so precise that, in fact, Ripple retweeted it.

What does Ripple have in common with the World Cup 2018 teams?

Ripple feels that the spirit of innovation that lies beyond the World Cup 2018 and the teams which are successful within the FIFA’s most loved competition is one that has to be nurtured in the world of finance. Ripple, by all means, considers that it is up to them to deliver that innovation into the world of finance. To explain what they mean, they made a comparison between the Netherlands and Italy soccer team.

Italy is quadruple world champion, while the Netherlands, although they have never won the World Cup, is regarded as a top international team. However, both teams have failed to make it to the World Cup 2018 tournament because of their reliance on older, more settled players and playing patterns.

Ripple argues that the readiness and desire to embrace innovation has been a decisive factor for the qualification of the other teams and their success this year.

Ripple praised with its partners like Santander and AMEX

Regarding its partners like Santander and AMEX (American Express), Ripple thinks these service suppliers are transforming Ripple blockchain technologies into a vital asset. Furthermore, they consider that anyone who lags far behind in adopting the innovation is in danger of being entirely left out of the competition, in the same manner as the Netherlands and Italy didn’t make it to the World Cup 2018.

With this World Cup 2018 comparison, Ripple practically announced that it is ready to adopt the winning World Cup mentality, teetering between readiness and innovation to lead the financial services sector into the future when every remittance company will adopt blockchain technology, as an integral component of their businesses, and not as a test.

Of course, Ripple talks about its own blockchain technologies, xRapid, xVia, xCurrent, considering them the best for bringing the financial sectors to the next level.

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