Command & Conquer Mobile Game Unveiled at E3

Good news for the fans of the Command & Conquer series: a new game was revealed during the EA Play presentation at E3. However, this is not a full-scale game, but a version developed for mobile devices. Still, it should offer a lot of fun.

An attempt to capitalize on Clash of Clans’ popularity

Command & Conquer: Rivals takes all the most important features of RTS and transforms them into a mobile game, developed for a small-scale play. This simple 1v1 combat game is an obvious attempt to use the enormous popularity of Clash of Clans in order to join the successful market and take a share of the available money.

What Command & Conquer: Rivals will be like

Players will be able to choose between two fractions well-known from the full-scale Command & Conquer series: Nod and GDI, each of them having their own unique units, such as the mammoth tank. Even though the whole map will be displayed on the screen, your rivals will be covered with the fog of war. The main goal of the game will not be attacking the opponent’s base, but fighting for control over nuclear missiles, which a player can gain by getting access to three point-accumulating pads. This is extremely important, as you can eliminate your enemy by using two such missiles.

EA expects a big success

It remains to be seen if the familiar features will attract the fans of Command & Conquer. After all, the mobile version will be simplified, which only allows to retain some of the elements known from the full-scale game. What we know though, is that this game can earn a lot of money for EA, as the quick and addictive gameplay is what the mobile gaming is all about.

So far, the early version presented at EA Play is far from the finished product. It could still take a lot of time to implement the necessary changes and make C&C: Rivals ready for the official release.

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