Easiest Ways to Transfer your Files from Android and iOS to Windows 10 or 8

Mobile devices are a very important part of our lives, allowing us to create and use various types of files. However, at some point, we might want to move pictures or videos to our computer in order to organize and store them. It is important to know which apps to use and how to do it safely. In this article, we will talk about five easiest and safest ways to transfer files from Android or iOS to Windows 10 or 8.

  1. USB Cable

Definitely the easiest way to transfer files, but not always the best, as not every type of file can be transferred with USB. Once you establish the connection using your USB cable, you can simply drag and drop files to your computer.

  1. Bluetooth

Before you attempt to transfer files, make sure that your devices feature Bluetooth. Similar to the previous option, this method is fast and safe, but also has its limitations.

  1. Third-party apps

Another way to transfer your files is by using third-party apps. When it comes to transfers from Android or iOS to Windows 8, you can use AirDroid, Bluetooth File Transfer and Wi-Fi File Transfer. These apps allow you to transfer files via the local Wi-Fi connection they create. All three are available on Google Play.

There are apps dedicated to only one mobile OS. Roamit is a transfer app for Android devices, whereas iTunes can transfer your files from iPhone and iPad.

  1. Email app

If you want to transfer small files, such as documents, you can always do it by sending an email.

  1. Cloud storage apps

This method can not only help you transfer files, but also back them up at the same time. Some of the most popular cloud storage tools are Google Drive and Dropbox.

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