Why Apple Doesn’t Want You to Jailbreak your Phone

Apple has just published a support document that shows some of the side effects of jailbreaking. Over time, the company has always tried to leave no room for those who might want to take advantage of iOS’s vulnerabilities. Since jailbreaking is almost as old as Apple’s operating system, the only way the tech giant is fighting against this phenomenon is by not signing older firmware anymore, once a new release of iOS is in place.

Side effects of jailbreaking, according to Apple

On June 16th Apple has posted a document which says that jailbreaking can cause serious security issues in the operating system. It seems that such modifications can actually destroy the security layers, thus making users’ phones extremely vulnerable to viruses and hackers. Not only that, but using a jailbreak tool can bring even more disadvantages. Battery problems and all kinds of unexpected crashes are also some of the possible side effects.

Certain apps could stop working

The company is also stating that if you want to jailbreak your phone, then you might get some unexpected problems with some of the services from your device, such as FaceTime, iCloud, Apple Pay and many others. When it comes to third-party apps, you could even experience some unusual behavior regarding their notifications. Apple is also suggesting that if you start having serious issues with the operating system, then the damage cannot be undone. This applies to both your iPad and your iPhone, as they could become not usable anymore, once a new iOS update would be launched.

It is understandable that Apple is trying to advice users against using unauthorized tools that can modify the structure of iOS, but we all know that fans of jailbreaking will most likely continue to do as they please. If you don’t know much about the jailbreak tools though, we would recommend you to keep your devices as they are, since you really might not be able to repair some of the damages.

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