iPad Pro 2018 Release Date Leaks – Improved Design with FaceID technology

Apple’s iPad Pro is one of the most anticipated devices amongst those not yet announced by the American company. It generates a large amount of leaks and with the rumors gathering pace on the internet, we know more and more about Apple’s new tablet with each passing day. Let’s take a look at what we might know about iPad Pro’s specifications and features.

New design of iPad Pro 2018

It is very possible that the new iPad Pro will have a design similar to the one of iPhone X, which means that the bezels will be almost non-existent, while the home button is going to be completely removed. Given some contradictory rumors, we do not know for sure if iPad Pro will feature a notch or not. According to some, the fact that with iOS 12 the gestures of iPad resemble those of iPhone X seems to suggest that a notch will be present on iPad Pro 2018.

FaceID technology

With the arrival of iPhone X, we saw the introduction of FaceID, which replaced TouchID. Many amongst the leakers expect that iPad Pro will use the same technology. Considering some of the already mentioned changes in the design, especially the missing home button and slimmer bezels, this theory seems likely.


The experts do not expect for the screen of iPad Pro 2018 to be larger, so the size will remain at 10.5-inch. However, thanks to the minimal bezels, the body of the tablet might be smaller. Now, some bad news for those fans who would like to see an OLED screen on the iPad Pro: it is highly unlikely, considering the supply limitations for OLED panels of such size.

New Pencil

According to some sources, iPad Pro 2018 might also get a new and improved stylus.

Release date

The announcement of iPad Pro 2018 was supposed to take place during the WWDC 2018, according to the rumors. However, it didn’t happen and since we have no strong predictions at the moment, we will have to wait longer for more news.

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