Minecraft Update Download Available – Cross-play Features for PC, Xbox, Switch and Mobile

Last year, Minecraft developers announced that the “Bedrock” update will bring cross-play features which will facilitate the gamers’ unity on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox hardware, as well as on mobile platforms. In addition, the game proved that the multiplayer cross-platform works safely and can contribute to Switch’s version parity with other platforms.

Cross-play allows gamers to access the Minecraft Marketplace

The new feature will give users access to the Minecraft Marketplace for buying new skin, community creations and texture packs. Gamers have been waiting for this update since last fall, when other platforms got it. At that moment, the Minecraft team announced that Switch will get it until the holiday season. This year in May, they said that it will arrive on June 21st and kept their word.

The update comes with new facilities

Existing owners can get the update for free, while the others will have to pay $30. Recent reports mention that it comes with a Super Mario mash-up pack and Phase One from Update Aquatic.

Another important advantage is that Switch players will be able to earn gamer scores and achievements if they play the game on a portable console or handheld hybrid. Xbox users have had the opportunity to use this features ever since 2005.

Future plans

Once the update was available, Sony had to face a difficult situation. It had to block the use of existing Epic Game accounts for millions of Fortnite players when they found that the accounts were used to play the game on PlayStation 4.

On the other hand, Microsoft and Nintendo had teamed up for preparing the Bedrock update’s trailer in the attempt to cause even more damage to the competition. Since the two giants already allow cross-play on their platforms, we’ll have to wait and see how long it will take until Sony follows their example.

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