Ethereum (ETH) Officially Announced The Release Of Swarm Client v0.3 PoC With New Features

This Thursday, June 21st, Ethereum (ETH) social networks announced the release of Swarm Client v0.3, its third proof of concept (PoC), which includes new and experimental features, including a node-to-node messaging protocol.

As reported on the Ethereum (ETH) official blog, Swarm Client is a service that uses the SWAP protocol and provides API (Application Programming Interface) for uploading and downloading content to the cloud. Web services will be dispensed with through Swarm, as URLs can be used to host websites and decentralized applications (DApps) and can be used as a decentralized and distributed storage solution using Ethereum’s public registry.

The vision is of a new Internet that has no downtime and offers resistance to censorship, but is also economically self-sustaining thanks to an integrated incentive system.

Official Ethereum (ETH) blog

PSS (Postal Service over Swarm) is one of the new features included in the new Ethereum (ETH) Swarm Client v0.3 update

PSS is an experimental messaging protocol, which uses the same P2P connections used for data storage and delivery, to send messages from node to node. Swarm expects this infrastructure to be the basis of an entirely new internal communication system.

Another new experimental feature in this third proof of concept is the Mutable Resource of Swarm that facilitates access to changing content, as Swarm has integrated with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), in the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

Also, this third proof of concept included a utility called FUSE, which will allow users to integrate Swarm data directly into their local Linux and Mac file systems and ensure automatic synchronization with Swarm.

The new Swarm Client v0.3 also offers a built-in encryption system to provide secure loading of private data. The version is available on the public test network and provides interested parties with the technical details of this update in the Swarm Guide. Also noteworthy is that Ethereum (ETH) is the second blockchain project in the cryptocurrencies market by market capitalization.

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