GTA 5 Best Cheat Codes to Create a More Intense Gaming Experience

Most games available for various platforms offer players the possibility to obtain progress and advantages by using cheats. Things are different when it comes to Grand Theft Auto 5, because here cheats contribute to creating a more intense gaming experience by introducing mechanics and other elements.

Developers considered that these features wouldn’t fit in the game’s general atmosphere unless tied to the cheats. From this we can conclude that games from Grand Theft Auto series receive an important boost from cheats.

Gamers who play GTA 5 on PS4 and Xbox One should know all about cheats and how to use them if they want to benefit from their awesome effects. By pressing some keys, players will get a lot of cheats that help them perform super crazy high jumps into the air, become invincible or even maximize their health level and armour strength.

Cheats work in single player mode

The most important thing gamers should have in mind is that cheats work if they’re not used online and only in single player story mode. Also, they are supported by PS4 and Xbox One, but forget the way you are used to introduce the keyboard in your experience if you want to start benefiting from cheats. Thanks to them, you’ll discover different possible uses of your keys.

How to use the cheats on PS4 and Xbox One

In fact, GTA players can use two types of cheats, one for PS4 and one for Xbox. The first type of codes can be introduced by using the usual gamepad and the second is the so-called cell phone cheats, which are completely different.

Of course, you’ll have to learn more and look for an online guide that can help you understand the differences and tell you what the cheats are and how to use them. Maybe this video will help:

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