GTA 6 Will Come Soon and Bring a Female Protagonist

The announcement regarding the launch of GTA 6 is one of the most expected news from the gaming industry since the beginning of 2018. Rockstar was expected to release the new game in 2018, but they claimed that other games deserve their attention as well, so decided to focus on Red Dead Redemption 2.

Despite this statement, Red Dead Redemption 2 is still months away, so we can imagine that the developer decided to work on GTA 6 as well. Besides, games from this franchise have proven their profitability, since GTA 5 sold over 95 million copies in the entire world. Considering this, GTA 6 is inevitable and surely under development as we speak. Although Rockstar isn’t sharing any information on the subject, a few reliable leaks mention some of GTA 6’s new features.

Mexico City and Las Vegas are possible locations for GTA 6

The first piece of information on GTA 6 appeared in 2016. An insider from Rockstar stated that this version of the franchise will be settled back in the 1970s, just like Vice City. This setting could be given by the fact that Vice City had great success among gamers. In the same occasion, the insider added that possible locations for GTA 6 are Chicago, Mexico City, Las Vegas and Detroit.

The game’s development takes a lot of time

Reliable sources say that huge games like GTA 6 take a lot of time to be developed. This is one of the reasons that create such time gaps between the launch of one version and the following one.

A female protagonist is a cherry on the cake

Another leak claims that one of the most exciting features within GTA 6 is the existence of a female protagonist. This addition is according to the players’ options. Now they will have the opportunity to choose their main character from several figures; one of these figures will be a female. If this is true, the game could have even more success because there are many women who play games like GTA.

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