Apple Watch 4 and Samsung Gear S4 – Best Improved Features

Apple and Samsung are preparing to launch their new smartwatches and they’ll come with several improved features

Samsung and Apple have always tried to revolutionise the tech market by offering their customers amazing devices with practical features. Nowadays, both companies are preparing to launch their latest smartwatches, Apple Watch 4 and Samsung Gear S4.

According to experts from the field, these next generation gadgets will be released before the end of this year. Until then, it could be a good idea to learn more about each of them, so let’s analyse what we know so far.

The new devices might come with better battery life and improved health tracking

When they first appeared, smartwatches didn’t have much success, but as time passed, Apple and Samsung managed to set high standards for these wearables. It looks like their new ”toys” will be important updates of the predecessors Apple Watch Series 3 and Samsung Gear S3. Furthermore, the Gear S4 will be thinner than the S3, but will have the same design with round face.

What’s new within the Apple Watch

The first details about the new smartwatch from Apple arrived this year from the producing company. They revealed the fact that the device will work on their watchOS 5 upgrade and this means that active people will count among the first customers. They will be able to use features like Walkie-Talkie, Workout Detection or Activity Competitions.

In terms of technical specs, the watch will have bigger display, thinner design and longer battery life. Apple is expected to focus on developing even more health apps, since their smartwatch is considered one of the best heart monitors in the world. The device could come this autumn.

We could see the Samsung Gear S4 for the first time in August this year

Although Samsung had enough success with the Gear S3, it has been almost two years and the watch didn’t receive any update. Also, SamMobile claims that a wireless charger for the Gear S4 has just been certified, so this could mean that an updated smartwatch from Samsung is on its way.

If it comes, the device could be available in two versions, Classic and Frontier, but the most striking difference is that Samsung will give up on the Tizen operating system for a Google software. In addition, they will introduce improved health and sleep tracking capabilities and other features to keep the user healthy and in good physical shape (for example, the capacity to measure blood pressure).

All these features will be available in various colour schemes, including Gold and will be supported by a larger battery. Its capacity could be increased to 470mAh and this means that one charge will last longer than before.

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