Samsung Galaxy S10 Face Scan Technologies and Latest Improvements

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will either step into a slanting screen like the iPhone X, or Samsung will be able to keep away from this fashion. At least from the information so far we know it will have a different design. A strange decision is that the manufacturer could give up the iris scanner, promoted as a better securing measure than facial authentication.

The intelligent scan from Samsung works by scanning both the face and the iris. On the Samsung Galaxy S10, this scanner will be removed. Instead, a similar Face ID technology on the iPhone X will be used with a 3D face scan. To develop and implement this technology, South Koreans work with Mantis, a company in Israel.

With this detail, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen-integrated fingerprint scanner has been reconfirmed. It is already available on several phones, and Samsung should have something to differentiate from other companies.

As for the design for the Samsung Galaxy S10, the company registered a patent in the United States of America. It does not have a physical button on the face, it has narrow edges and at the top the screen is crest. Instead, the top will be the widest. The others are very small.

As we can see in the sketch above, there are three buttons on the right hand side of the phone: two for the volume and one on the phone. Most likely, the Bixby button disappears with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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