UTRUST And Pundi X, The Largest Crypto Payment Platforms, Teamed Up To Increase Cryptocurrency Adoption

UTRUST and Pundi X, the world’ s largest crypto payment platforms, are teaming up to develop the offline XPOS crypto payment platform for widespread cryptocurrency adoption. The two companies, Pundi X and UTRUST, have concluded an arrangement to encourage cryptocurrency payments in shops and to safeguard them with customer protection measures.

In the first stage, the world’ s leading point-of-sale (POS) provider, Pundi X, is presently in the production phase of the platform, but on a trial scale, and in the next few weeks it will begin dispatching the product to Singapore, Japan, and Switzerland markets where the platform will support retailers to receive offline cryptocurrency payments.

UTRUST, on the other hand, is the world’s leading cryptocurrency payments platform and the first one to deploy customer-centered cryptocurrency payment services, covering the buying and selling of cryptos.

UTRUST and Pundi X deal benefits both parties to the maximum

Following the terms of the deal the two companies concluded today in Singapore, UTRUST is pledging to purchase 1,000 units of Pundi’s XPOS technology, a point-of-sale device that allows merchants to conduct transactions, buy, and sell in multiple cryptocurrencies. Pundi X, for its part, will be deploying UTRUST as a liquidity supplier for the purchases on its terminals and will be using its technology to validate accounts.

Besides, the deal signed today with UTRUST takes the quantity of Pundi X technology devices ordered for use by its worldwide retail clients to over 25,000, out of the 100,000 devices the company targeted to sell in three years.

UTRUST, based in Switzerland, will handle the transactions’ protection mechanisms to guarantee that the crypto coins are safely transacted within a protected context and also to ensure a trustful buyer-seller experience.

Partnering with UTRUST as our commercial payment settlement portal is a substantial addition to Pundi’s XPOS and gives us a trusted provider of liquidity, but also for customer security.

Zac Cheah, CEO and co-founder of Pundi X

From the other party, Nuno Correia, UTRUST CEO, declared the that the UTRUST and Pundi X partnership is “a partnership of two leading blockchain cryptocurrency payment projects with benefits that flow into the entire cryptocurrencies ecosystem.”

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